Sunday, December 14, 2014

Acrylic Mono Prints - Flower Series

Orion's Field SOLD

Casseopeia's Garden SOLD

Andromeda's Garden

A series of acrylic mono prints from the group show 'Constellations' - featuring far-out flowers!
The acrylic skins are mounted onto 8x8 cradled wood panels.

Acrylic Mono Prints - 'Sun Spots' Series

8x8 Acrylic Monoprints

Above are pictures of acrylic monoprints featured at the group show 'Constellations'. The process for creating these works involved creating layers of acrylic skins and monoprinting on top, using acrylics, found objects, and a Gelli Plate - a very cool silicone plate that mimics the properties of an organic gelatin plate. When complete and dry, the skins were trimmed to approximately a 7 inch square and mounted onto 8"cradled birch panels.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Long Shadows SOLD

4x4 acrylic SOLD
A sneak peek at one of my paintings to be shown in the YAS Members show at Arts Underground, opening Dec 6th.