Friday, November 29, 2013

In the Folds of the Fissures - SOLD

                                                       12x12 Mixed Media on panel

I've been exploring more mixed media works along with my regular use of acrylics in painting people, places, and things. In creating art, I still swing between realism and imaginative work. I often will turn from painting a landscape to something totally new and loose, and let the process dictate the outcome.

I've discovered gold! The results are so satisfying. I enjoy the effects that occur when painting over gold leaf. (This photo just doesn't do this piece justice. It is rich with a gold hue and shine, and very textural.)

At the time I was creating this a dear person in my life was going through great trauma. I was often thinking of her pain - praying she would be comforted and protected. When I called the piece "finished" and took a step back, even I was surprised. It was obvious my subconscious emotions were embedded in this work.

 Can you spot anything being "held within the folds"?